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Impact Stories: In-Home Support

Meet Marles

At 90 years old, Marles lives alone and shared that she often feels lonely. She has survived many of her friends and family, and her loving daughter Kelly lives in California. When Marles began to show signs of dementia, Kelly worried about her mother’s safety and well-being.

In May of 2021, Marles was paired with a Catholic Charities homemaker, who keeps in close communication with Kelly. A typical home visit brings light housekeeping, meal preparation, laundry, other assistance, and warm conversation. Working alongside her homemaker, when she is able, brings Marles joy and renewed confidence in her independence.

One afternoon, the homemaker stopped by for her regularly scheduled appointment. She knocked at the door. Marles didn’t answer. She knocked once more, waited, and there was no response. Catholic Charities staff immediately called Kelly.

Kelly asked the leasing office to let the homemaker in through the front door. Inside, she found Marles had fallen in the bathroom and was badly hurt. The homemaker rushed to Marles’ side and called an ambulance. “Without Catholic Charities, my mom would have been hurt and alone for much longer. I am so grateful that they were there to help,” Kelly said.

Marles is recovering well at the hospital and is preparing to return home. When she does return home, Catholic Charities will be there to welcome and care for her.

Meet Thomas


When Thomas’ son passed away, he was left with almost no family support and began to feel lonely and unsure if he could keep living in his home. Thomas’ health conditions and age make it very difficult for him to clean his home on his own. When he needed help to remain safe in his home, he called Catholic Charities’ In-Home Support program.

A homemaker from the program was paired with Thomas and has visited once a week for nearly six years. In addition to providing housekeeping and help with laundry, her visits relieve the loneliness seniors feel when family and friends are gone. Thomas is grateful to Catholic Charities for helping him fulfill his wish to stay in his home.


Meet Francine


With help from Catholic Charities, at 91 Francine lives in the home she shared for 36 years with the love of her life, her husband Charles who passed away several years ago. Francine was a seamstress in her younger days working with Charles who designed and sold the clothing she sewed. Francine managed alone for many years after Charles passed. When she needed help to remain in her home, she was referred to and called Catholic Charities’ In-Home Support program. 

A homemaker from the program was paired with Francine. Her homemaker visits once a week to help Francine with household chores. In addition to providing light housekeeping and help with laundry, her visits relieve the loneliness seniors feel when family and friends are gone. During her visits, the homemaker also observes and inquires about Francine’s wellbeing and will help her find needed services. Francine enjoys working with her homemaker and is grateful to Catholic Charities for helping her fulfill her wish to stay in her home where she is closest to her memories of her beloved Charles. 


Meet Gracie


Gracie is a successful interior and fashion designer. She worked hard to make a career for herself, and then her life changed when she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis that impacted her mobility and changed the way she worked and lived. Carol, a Catholic Charities’ in-home support worker, assists Gracie with her work and the care she needs around her home. “This was not always my lifestyle: it is now. When I first started looking for help, I couldn’t find anyone who understood and then Catholic Charities In-Home Support sent Carol.” Gracie shares, “She understands my condition and that I am not in my normal functions. She understands the emotional effects of this as well."

Carol is a great representative of Catholic Charities.” Gracie is also a great representation of Catholic Charities and the people we serve. She reminds us that even when we face our greatest obstacles and need support, we can get through anything with the support of our neighbors. She shows us what it means to inspire others. Gracie explains, “I never ask why me but what can I do with what I was given?” Despite her diagnosis, Gracie continues to bring joy to others through her fashion and designs.


Meet Cindy


Throughout her recovery from back surgery and cancer, Cindy has relied on our In-Home Support staff for a helping hand. In February of 2018, Cindy was matched with a homemaker who assists her with daily tasks, allowing her to focus on her health and worry less. when her cancer treatments caused a life-threatening infection, our homemaker noticed early signs of a change in her health and urged Cindy to go to the hospital- staying with her through the Emergency Room. Cindy is now cancer free and regaining her strength. when asked about her experience with Catholic Charities, Cindy shares how much In-Home Support Services has helped her by providing emotional support and giving her peace of mind: "Catholic Charities has been wonderful and I'm incredibly grateful for the support I've received. I can't imagine what I would've done without them."


Meet John

John, a 65 year-old Vietnam veteran, battled with severe obsessive compulsive disorder, anxiety, and depression.  Then, in August 2016, John was brutally attacked, leaving him physically unable to care for himself and his home. 

John’s physical and mental health struggles manifested into a hoarding disorder. The condition of his home became so dangerous that he was issued an eviction notice.  With nowhere else to turn and facing homelessness, John came to Catholic Charities for help. 

With the support of Carla, Director of In-Home Support Services, the court delayed the eviction.  Carla and her team worked around the clock to remove safety hazards from John’s apartment and established a six-month care plan. 

John’s physical wounds have healed and he receives needed therapy to cope with his mental health issues.  Today, John is living a happy, healthy and independent life.  


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