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About Our Program

Since 1976, Catholic Charities’ Refugee Resettlement program has welcomed and resettled thousands of refugees into our local communities. No matter what the country of origin, refugees face incredible cultural challenges throughout the resettlement process. Many of the minor conveniences that we take for granted can create huge obstacles for the refugee. Assimilation into a fast-paced and technology-based culture can be daunting for an agrarian people.

“Walking with” refugee families during the early stages of resettlement can lessen their anxiety and foster newfound confidence in adapting to a new homeland. Catholic Charities staff, and a network of volunteers, help meet these many needs by securing housing, furniture, household goods, food and clothing – for the refugees coming to America arrive empty-handed, carrying with them only a few personal possessions.

Catholic Charities maintains a strong relationship with the city and state, private and public service providers, businesses and corporations in the area. Our staff encourages and motivates refugees to become self-sufficient as quickly as possible, and to become good citizens in their new homeland.  A five year commitment is made for the resettlement of each refugee family. Catholic Charities provides support through case management, housing and employment assistance, as well as training and continuous contact through this five year time frame.

Secondary needs that must be met include supplying transportation to doctor appointments, social service agencies and schools for registration, helping establish the refugees in ESL classes (English as a Second Language), offering friendship and helping to secure employment for the adults.


Did You Know?

  • It is the commitment of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) to serve and advocate for refugees, those seeking asylum, and other forced migrants, immigrants, and other people on the move. Special concern is given to the most vulnerable among these populations, such as, but not limited to, minors unaccompanied by parents or adult guardians and the victims of human trafficking.
  • Individuals and families from international countries are assigned to Southeastern Wisconsin through the Migrant and Refugee Services offices of the USCCB. Catholic Charities then assumens responsibility of resettlement and assimilation of refugees into our local communities.
  • Catholic Charities staff speak over 20 different languages, are knowledgeable about the culture of the countries of origin and understand the threatening conditions the refugee faced in their homeland. Being able to communicate with the refugee in their native language helps establish an atmosphere of trust and enables the refugee to begin life in a new and safe environment.

For more information, please contact:

Claire Reuning
Refugee Integration Specialist
414-771-2881 Ext. 4124


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