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Faith in Family

Austin & Tyler’s Family

For three years, Jessica and Matt eagerly awaited to adopt their first child when Austin and Tyler became part of their family. Feeling blessed to be chosen by Austin and Tyler’s birth mom, Jessica and Matt were thrilled to become a family of four. “Adoption has been an emotional journey with many ups and downs, but when we got the call that we were chosen, it was the most beautiful gift.” Austin and Tyler recently became adoptive big brothers to a baby girl, Emily, whose birth mom chose their family for her baby girl. “We still pinch ourselves when we tell people that we have three children,” Matt and Jessica shared, expressing gratitude for their children and those who have helped them on the journey to building their family. “We will forever be grateful to both birth moms, and we are thankful for the social workers at Catholic Charities who have supported us throughout our journey to becoming a family of five over the past six years.”


Gracie is a successful interior and fashion designer. She worked hard to make a career for herself, and then her life changed when she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis that impacted her mobility and changed the way she worked and lived. Carol, a Catholic Charities’ in-home support worker, assists Gracie with her work and the care she needs around her home. “This was not always my lifestyle: it is now. When I first started looking for help, I couldn’t find anyone who understood and then Catholic Charities In-Home Support sent Carol.” Gracie shares, “She understands my condition and that I am not in my normal functions. She understands the emotional effects of this as well. Carol is a great representative of Catholic Charities.” Gracie is also a great representation of Catholic Charities and the people we serve. She reminds us that even when we face our greatest obstacles and need support, we can get through anything with the support of our neighbors. She shows us what it means to inspire others. Gracie explains, “I never ask why me but what can I do with what I was given?” Despite her diagnosis, Gracie continues to bring joy to others through her fashion and designs.


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