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Options in Adoption


African American families are often underrepresented in adoption, leaving African American expectant parents who are considering adoption without a family to consider for their child from their own race and culture. 

Catholic Charities seeks to change this reality by actively seeking African American couples who are open to becoming an adoptive family and eliminating cost as a barrier. Many families facing barriers to adoption can provide loving and safe homes for children. By removing these barriers, the Options in Adoption program is creating loving homes where children will be supported, understood, loved and cared for.



Expectant Parents


Among many of your concerns for your child's future, you may be hoping to find a family that will love your child as their own and will relate to your child culturally. Options in Adoption works to provide families that will meet your needs. Our caring Pregnancy Support Coordinators are here to listen, answer your questions, and offer support.  Our offices remain open for remote & socially distanced services.


Call or text our 24/7 Pregnancy Help Line:
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African American & Biracial Adoptive Families


If you are an African American or Biracial family who can provide a loving and stable family for a child or are already caring for a loved ones child as your own, please contact us for more infomation about adoption: 414-551-3754


For More Information on the Adoption Process Click Here


If you’re curious about adoption and know you can provide a loving home, it is possible for you with Options in Adoption, no matter your situation. As an African American adoptive parent, you can provide the cultural upbringing that African American expectant mothers in your community want for their baby.


It starts with YOU— an African American adoptive parent who can proudly provide the healthy and happy future she wants for her baby. Call or text 414-551-3754. We’re here to listen and answer your questions!


Contact us for more information:


Jennifer Layton, MSW, APSW
Director of Child Welfare Services
414-771-2881 Ext. 4167

*Please contact for adoption inquiries

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