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Experiencing an unexpected pregnancy?


You are not alone. Call or text our 24/7 Pregnancy Help Line to Talk about your options!
Our caring Pregnancy Support Coordinators are here to listen, answer questions, and offer support. 

Life can be unpredictable and confusing sometimes, but you are not alone. If you’re experiencing an unexpected pregnancy and are unsure about the future, it can help to know your options to make the best decision for you.


Catholic Charities Pregnancy & Parenting Support team is here to help. We work with expectant mothers/parents of all ethnicities and backgrounds, supporting you as you make the decision that’s right for you. Call us today to learn more about our Pregnancy & Parenting Support program and Adoption Services.




Expectant Parents


An unplanned pregnancy does not mean your life is over. We know how difficult and confusing this time can be, especially for brave mothers going through an unexpected pregnancy alone and without support. We are here for you.

Many women choose open adoption as a loving option for their baby’s future, seeking an option that allows birth mothers to be a part of their child’s life while still pursuing their own future goals, like finishing school or pursuing career aspirations. Some expectant parents choose adoption because they are not able to provide for their child without the support of a partner or family. If you feel that you’re out of options, know that adoption is still another option for you.

Are you seeking an adoptive family who will love, care for, and look like your child or, someone who can provide the love, care, and cultural upbringing you want for your child? Visit our Options in Adoption page to learn more about your options
Are you seeking an adoptive family who will love, care for, and look like your child or, someone who can provide the love, care, and cultural upbringing you want for your child? Visit our Options in Adoption page to learn more about your options.





Adoptive Families


Prospective adoptive parents seek to open their hearts and loving home to a child and make their family whole through adoption. An Adoption Caseworker walks alongside the Forever Families, from the application and vetting process through child placement with a family as they grow and develop.

“Catholic Charities has been unbelievably supportive doing this whole process. They really helped us manage the emotional valleys and peaks along the journey.”
                                                                                                          -Allison, Adoptive Family


Meet Our Families Looking to Adopt!



Contact us for more information:


Jennifer Layton, MSW, APSW
Director of Child Welfare Services
414-771-2881 Ext. 4167

*Please contact for adoption inquiries

A Forever Family Through Catholic Charities


Jessica was feeling scared and unprepared when she discovered she was pregnant. The father was no longer in her life. “She thought she was going to go through this alone,” recalls Jen, Catholic Charities’ Director of Child Welfare Services who served as Jessica’s case manager.

Jessica was in her mid-30s and had several complicating health conditions that could lead to a high-risk pregnancy. One week before her due date, a social worker at a Milwaukee area hospital referred Jessica to Catholic Charities for Pregnancy Support Services. Jessica and Jen scheduled a day to meet within a week. Plans quickly changed. Jessica’s baby was on his way.

The first time they met, Jen was helping Jessica check in at the hospital. Jen stayed with Jessica until minutes before an emergency C-Section was underway. Through it all, the baby was Jessica’s No. 1 priority. The words “best interest” were said over and over. Every decision was made in the best interest of the baby. Above all, Jessica wanted to make sure her son would have a supportive and safe two-parent household.

That’s when Anna and Brian came in. As a loving couple who always wanted to be parents, they felt like God led them to adoption — and thus to Catholic Charities.

A week after the baby was born, Jessica met with two couples who were waiting to adopt. Jessica was making the most loving decision for her baby, choosing his future family.

Jessica chose Anna and Brian to be her son’s parents.

After his birth in May of 2022, the baby boy, who Jessica had been calling Beau, remained in the NICU for nearly a month. Throughout that time, he was almost never alone. During the day, Anna and Brian stayed by his side. By night, Jessica would spend hours holding him. Anna and Jessica exchanged text messages continuously.

Soon after, baby Beau went home with Anna and Brian. Jen helped Jessica through the legal process of terminating her parental rights. Catholic Charities Adoption Social Worker, Abby, visited monthly with Anna, Brian, and the baby to ensure he was adjusting well and meeting his milestones, and he was!

After six months, the adoption was finalized in court. Anna and Brian gave their son the name John Beau.

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