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Does your loved one struggle with Hoarding Disorder? 

We have recognized an unmet need of assistance for those facing the Hoarding Disorder in southeastern Wisconsin. Our goal is to shape the community's response to hoarding. Catholic Charities has developed a holistic model of intervention for improving the lives of individuals with the Hoarding Disorder.

Through years of experience, we have created a logic model to work with those who have Hoarding Disorder. This is a coordinated plan of intervention that maximizes resources to achieve the best result to reduce the hoarding, benefit the household directly affected by hoarding, and assist those affected by the problem while being cost effective in the long-term.

The program uses a team approach. This starts assigning a Case Manager, Home Coach and Therapist that perform a comprehensive assessment at the person’s or family's residence. The initial assessment includes screening for imminent harm to self or others along with assessing all 6 of the hoarding attributes (personal safety, physical health, social health, financial wellbeing, environment, and mental health), followed up with action plans for each one.

For more information about our Hoarding Intervention & Treatment Program, our hoarding support group, or support group for friends and family please contact:

Carla Alejo
Program Director
414-771-2881 Ext. 4134​


Meet Kathy


For many years, Kathy suffered from Hoarding Disorder. It was her coping mechanism. Sadly, the impact of hoarding affected her relationships as well as her ability to maintain a routine and feel confident. To help his mother, Kathy’s son Tim and his wife Jennifer reorganized and removed items from her home and helped her clean. Unfortunately, the causes of hoarding go much deeper, involving mental and behavioral health. Kathy’s hoarding continued.

Kathy felt hopeless, and the condition of her home worsened. She was overwhelmed by the sudden passing of her sister, traumatic death of her former husband, and the failing health of her mother who was in hospice care.

Tim and Jennifer decided to contact Catholic Charities Hoarding Intervention Program. Kathy was reluctant but agreed to have a home coach help her evaluate items she was holding onto and decide what she wanted to either donate or throw away. She met with our therapist to process her grief, understand the cause of her hoarding, and find healthier ways to cope. A case manager also helped to assess her needs and coordinate additional resources. Today, Kathy is managing life and her home much better with occasional follow up visits from her home coach.

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