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Hoarding Intervention & Treatment Program

Senior Hotline Available for Elderly in Need

Reaching out is how you can help. Are you concerned about an older neighbor or loved one? Growing isolation and loss of community supports can lead to tragedy for the most vulnerable.


To help seniors, Catholic Charities staff will call, visit, and follow-up to check in on how they are doing. We are able to assess needs and offer help. We can shop for groceries or pick up medications or just be there to listen.


Please call our Senior Hotline, 414-771-6063​, to share the name and number of your neighbor in need.


About Our Program

Does your loved one struggle with Hoarding Disorder? 

As an outgrowth of our In-Home Support Services we have recognized an unmet need of assistance for those facing the Hoarding Disorder in the Milwaukee and Waukesha communities. Our goal is to shape the communities response to hoarding. Catholic Charities has developed a holistic model of intervention for improving the lives of individuals with the Hoarding Disorder.

Through years of experience we have created a logic model to work with those who have hoarding disorder. This is a coordinated plan of intervention that maximizes resources to achieve the best result to reduce the hoarding, benefit the person who hoards, those affected by the problem and be long term cost effective. The program uses a team approach which starts assigning a Case Manager, Home Coach and Therapist that perform a comprehensive assessment at the person’s residence. The initial assessment includes screening for imminent harm to self or others along with assessing all 6 of the hoarding attributes (personal safety, physical health, social health, financial wellbeing, environment, and mental Health) followed up with action plans for each one.

For more information about our Hoarding Intervention & Treatment Program, our hoarding support group, or support group for friends and family please contact:

Carla Alejo
Director of In-Home Support Services
414-771-2881 Ext. 4134​



Dorothy was on the verge of being evicted and homeless because of excessive clutter in her apartment. In July, she received a non-renewal notice from her landlord and reached out to Catholic Charities. After a string of bad luck and health issues, she developed a hoarding disorder, which created tension between her and her landlord after multiple failed inspections. Dorothy was not one to typically ask for help, but when she was facing homelessness and had nowhere else to turn, she turned to Catholic Charities. The hoarding intervention team moved quickly and set up a plan. Our Home Coach helped Dorothy de-clutter her apartment; our Behavioral Health Therapist helped her reflect on her hoarding and learn a new maintenance and organizational routine; and our Case Manager convinced Dorothy’s landlord to give her a short grace period on her lease. Within a couple months, Dorothy’s apartment was back up to code and she passed her inspection. She was rewarded for her hard work with a new year-long lease!

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