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Jerry was referred to Catholic Charities’ In-Home Support Program by his county social worker.  He sufferers from debilitating mental illness and requires medication to help him function. When a visiting nurse asked Jerry if he was taking his medication, he said no; he often forgot.

His situation was continuing to spiral down.  He was in jeopardy of eviction because of the condition of his apartment. To keep Jerry from becoming homeless, a Catholic Charities’ in-home support worker was assigned to help clean, organize and maintain order in his apartment. She was patient during the weekly visits and respected Jerry’s initial shyness. Eventually, he welcomed the support worker’s presence and conversation. She not only provided weekly cleaning and companionship, but left notes posted to help Jerry stay on track with his medication.

Several months later, at a follow-up meeting with his care provider team, Jerry’s mood was greatly improved. He maintained eye contact and openly participated in the conversation. He was taking his medication on schedule and the worry of eviction was gone.   

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