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Fourteen-year-old Michael was so depressed that it affected his academic performance and social interactions.  He was a new student in a large high school, feeling lost in the crowd and struggling to make friends. The school recommended that his family seek therapy for Michael.

Michael’s mother reached out to Catholic Charities.  She brought Michael to his first sessions and shared additional challenges in his young life - including a father who seemed distant, conflict between siblings, and lack of structure and healthy expectations.  Then, without warning, Michael’s mother left the family. The father, who had been uninvolved, thankfully continued bringing Michael to his sessions.  He also started to bring Michael’s younger brother to counseling.  The three worked on family goals of processing grief and coping with change since mom’s departure.  Over time, Michael’s father grew more confident in creating reasonable expectations for his children, and the family dynamics improved. Michael also showed improvement at school – focusing better on his assignments and establishing a close circle of friends.

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