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Meet Daniela


Daniela had little income when her son Jacob was born. An unhealthy relationship with Jacob’s father made matters worse. She began to feel hopeless. Weighed down by a history of substance abuse and mental health issues, Daniela thought, “How will I provide a healthy home for my growing son?

When Jacob was 3 weeks old, Daniela approached Catholic Charities Supported Parenting Program for help. At first, she felt overwhelmed by the process of goal setting. She shared her feelings of hopelessness and self-doubt with Sarah, Director of the Supported Parenting Program, who served as her family support worker. Daniela was exhausted from sleepless nights alone caring for Jacob.

With Sarah’s help, she worked to prioritize goals, breaking each larger goal into more attainable steps. Daniela received counseling services from a Catholic Charities therapist to help alleviate her feelings of self-doubt and hopelessness. Sarah accompanied Daniela and Jacob to doctor’s visits and provided essential education about childcare and parenting. When Daniela returned to work, Sarah helped complete paperwork for day care services and find access to childcare funding.

With consistent home visits, parenting education, role-modeling and compassionate support from her family support worker, Daniela built her self-esteem and confidence as a woman and a mother. She joyfully and lovingly provides care for her son Jacob, who continues to thrive.

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