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Supported Parenting

We stand alongside parents with intellectual disabilities, providing personalized in-home mentoring and dedicated community advocacy, to nurture positive parenting skills and strengthen loving family bonds.




Camila has a big heart. She wants to solve her own problems but often finds it difficult. As a child, she remembers struggling in school, not being able to grasp what others seemed to understand so quickly.

This was even more apparent when she became a mom. Understanding her daughter’s needs was difficult, and without support from family and friends, she was scared to make big decisions. She was overwhelmed by the responsibility.

Then Camila was referred to Catholic Charities. Working with both Camila and her children, a Family Support Worker made sure her family received the resources they needed. Camila learned better ways to communicate and how to parent with more structure. With guidance, she’s now able to capture details from school meetings and doctor appointments.

After two years with Catholic Charities, Camila says, “It has been really hard work, but I feel so much better about myself as a person and as a mother. We are happy.”

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