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Our client's success is important to us. Here are real stories of people who have come to Catholic Charities for our programs and services. 



     For three years, Jessica and Matt eagerly awaited to adopt their first child when Austin and Tyler became part of their family. Feeling blessed to be chosen by Austin and Tyler’s birth mom, Jessica and Matt were thrilled to become a family of four. “Adoption has been an emotional journey with many ups and downs, but when we got the call that we were chosen, it was the most beautiful gift.” Austin and Tyler recently became adoptive big brothers to a baby girl, Emily, whose birth mom chose their family for her baby girl. “We still pinch ourselves when we tell people that we have three children,” Matt and Jessica shared, expressing gratitude for their children and those who have helped them on the journey to building their family.

“We will forever be grateful to both birth moms, and we are thankful for the social workers at Catholic Charities who have supported us throughout our journey to becoming a family of five over the past six years.”

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     Olivia felt trapped. She was in a relationship that wasn't healthy and worried that there was no escape for her and her three daughters. She had been married for 19 years and had no family in the United States besisdes her husband and his family. She knew that leaving meant her and her daugthers would be alone. Olivia came to Catholic Charities in hopes of gaining more self-esteem and self-worth, knowing that she needed to be prepared to take this step for herself and her daughters. To create a safer life for her and her daughters, she found a new place to live. After working with her counselor at Catholic Charities she shares, "I felt like a new woman. I began accomplishing my goals and gained the courage to start a new beginning with my girls. I am stronger now." Olivia said she knows she can face whatever might lie ahead for her family. 

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     Carol Jean has been a member at our Adult Day Center (ADC) for seven years. During that time, she experienced the heartbreaking loss of her brother and other hardships, but she knew she could trun to her family at the ADC for support. Carol Jean shares of her experience with the ADC, "I like it here, I like the poeple, the food, the games. I like coming here. I have a lot of friends and family; every day here is the best day." Just as the ADC cares for Carol Jean, she cares for other members and the staff like her own family.

"She loves being busy, and she always goes the extra mile to make sure everyone will be okay." Annette, director of the Adult Day Center, shares. The ADC provides its members with a safe place tostay that meets their complex needs, but the members make it a second home and remind all of us of the powerful impact of family. 

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     Meta was scared, 20 years old and living in an unsafe neighborhood. She was seven months pregnant and worried about having a baby. Her grandparents were worried about her too and knew that she needed more support than they could provide. Meta needed to find a safe place to live. She would also need help learning how to care for herself throughout her pregnancy and for a new baby. Meta and her grandmother reached out to Catholic Charities and were connected with the Pregnancy and Parenting Support team. Our staff helped Meta find a safe home and prepare for her baby to arrive. With help from Catholic Charities and her grandparents, Meta gave birth to a heatlhy baby boy. She is excited to continue working with the Pregnancy and Parenting Support team who will help guide her on her journey as a new mom. 

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     Gracie is a successful interior and fashion designer. She worked hard to make a career for herself, and then her life changed when she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis that impacted her mobility and changed the way she worked and lived. Carol, a Catholic Charities’ in-home support worker, assists Gracie with her work and the care she needs around her home. “This was not always my lifestyle: it is now. When I first started looking for help, I couldn’t find anyone who understood and then Catholic Charities In-Home Support sent Carol.” Gracie shares, “She understands my condition and that I am not in my normal functions. She understands the emotional effects of this as well.

     Carol is a great representative of Catholic Charities.” Gracie is also a great representation of Catholic Charities and the people we serve. She reminds us that even when we face our greatest obstacles and need support, we can get through anything with the support of our neighbors. She shows us what it means to inspire others. Gracie explains, “I never ask why me but what can I do with what I was given?” Despite her diagnosis, Gracie continues to bring joy to others through her fashion and designs.


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     Robert found himself making more and more visits to the hospital for emergency care. His heart problem and other disabilities that he managed everyday were getting worse. He was referred to Catholic Charities by his doctor when it became evident that his financial and living situations were putting his health at further risk. He was sleeping on the floor which put a strain on his heart each morning. Catholic Charities’ outreach case manager, Tedricka, worked to find solutions to Robert’s most immediate needs. Tedricka helped his family make a plan to improve Robert’s health and access a bed, food, and safer living environment. “These weren’t hard things to fix, but they affected his health so greatly,” Tedricka recalled. To Robert’s family, a bed meant more than a comfortable place to sleep. It meant the possibility of many more years of good health for their grandfather, peace of mind, and a strong beginning to each day.

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     Michaela and her daughter, Bonnie, worked with Sarah, her Catholic Charities’ family support worker for three years before COVID-19 changed family life for everyone. In this time, Michaela grew in her knowledge and confidence to care for Bonnie, and Bonnie was ready for school and thriving. When COVID-19 caused schools to shut down, Michaela and Bonnie struggled with navigating online classes and adapting to their new situation. Making regular home visits, following health guidelines, Sarah started her mornings at Michaela and Bonnie’s house. She would help them log on to Bonnie’s Zoom classes and plan their day together. A strong start to their day was all they needed to be successful with online school. “We see many parents struggling to balance their own work in addition to learning how to navigate virtual school. When the parent has a developmental disability, this struggle is only amplified. I’m so proud of Michaela. She is working hard to make sure Bonnie gets through this transition.” shares Sarah.

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     “Jayla is one of those moms who makes an effort to be involved in her children’s lives and education. Despite having a language barrier in communicating with teachers, she attends every parent event and conference, asking questions about how to support learning at home.” Claire, Catholic Charities’ refugee integration specialist explains. Jayla began attending parent classes with Catholic Charities in early 2020. When COVID-19 hit, classes were suspended, but Jayla was still eager to learn. She started meeting with a Catholic Charities volunteer virtually to practice her English. Although in the beginning of the pandemic it was difficult to help her children adjust to online school, with the help of her volunteer and her own dedication, she quickly became confident in navigating virtual learning with her children. Jayla continues to work with her volunteer to reach her goal of speaking in English with her children’s teachers, and she is proud of everything she has learned.

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     Dorothy was on the verge of being evicted and homeless because of excessive clutter in her apartment. In July, she received a non-renewal notice from her landlord and reached out to Catholic Charities. After a string of bad luck and health issues, she developed a hoarding disorder, which created tension between her and her landlord after multiple failed inspections. Dorothy was not one to typically ask for help, but when she was facing homelessness and had nowhere else to turn, she turned to Catholic Charities. The hoarding intervention team moved quickly and set up a plan. Our Home Coach helped Dorothy de-clutter her apartment; our Behavioral Health Therapist helped her reflect on her hoarding and learn a new maintenance and organizational routine; and our Case Manager convinced Dorothy’s landlord to give her a short grace period on her lease. Within a couple months, Dorothy’s apartment was back up to code and she passed her inspection. She was rewarded for her hard work with a new year-long lease!

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