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Our client's success is important to us. Here are real stories of real people who have come to Catholic Charities for our programs and services. 


Mary, a former WWII RN, has been attending the Adult Day Center since early 2017. She is a naturally caring person and is often seen as being in "nurse mode" with the other members. Her primary caregiver, her daughter, began bringing Mary to Catholic Charities because her full-time job did not allow her the time to provide the daily care Mary needed to stay at home. At Catholic Charities, Mary is able to receive bathing services and daily medication administration. Mary loves interacting and engaging with staff and the other members. Our staff feels truly privileged to have Mary share her wisdom and spend her days with us at the Adult Day Center. "We are grateful for the care my mother recieves at the center," shares her daughter. 

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Kendra enrolled in the Pregnancy Support program in 2018 and was experiencing significant emotional health challenges. She was 7 months pregnant, living with her parents and in an unhealthy relationship with her boyfriend. When Kendra began working with our Pregnancy Support Coordinator, they met regularly and checked in on how Kendra could focus on her tangible goals she set. “I feel so supported by my Pregnancy Support Worker. She helped me show up weekly with a new and improved mindset,” Kendra said. She gave birth to a healthy baby girl and felt confident in her ability to breastfeed and understanding the importance of safe sleeping. Kendra now has a new job that she loves, and continues to check in with our Pregnancy Support Coordinator due to the great relationship they fostered.

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Dorothy was on the verge of being evicted and homeless because of excessive clutter in her apartment. In July, she received a non-renewal notice from her landlord and reached out to Catholic Charities. After a string of bad luck and health issues, she developed a hoarding disorder, which created tension between her and her landlord after multiple failed inspections. Dorothy was not one to typically ask for help, but when she was facing homelessness and had nowhere else to turn, she turned to Catholic Charities. The hoarding intervention team moved quickly and set up a plan. Our Home Coach helped Dorothy de-clutter her apartment; our Behavioral Health Therapist helped her reflect on her hoarding and learn a new maintenance and organizational routine; and our Case Manager convinced Dorothy’s landlord to give her a short grace period on her lease. Within a couple months, Dorothy’s apartment was back up to code and she passed her inspection. She was rewarded for her hard work with a new year-long lease!

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Daivon was lost after spending time in the hospital, diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder and major depressive disorder. His symptoms were severe and recurrent which made it hard for him to hold a full-time job and made him feel even more depressed. He began drinking more and smoking to cope. Daivon wanted to make a change so he reached out to Catholic Charities.  He met with a therapist weekly and learned positive coping skills to manage his anxiety. He reduced his drinking, stopped smoking, and found a job that he enjoys. We have seen a significant difference in Daivon’s life since he walked through our doors; so much so that his depressive disorder is in remission!

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Travis and Ashlee waited a little over four years for the opportunity to become parents. In 2019, they embraced a proactive outreach and made their family story more public, which ultimately led to their connection to their son’s birth mother. “We began to put her needs first and focus on supporting her,” Travis shared. Throughout the process, a Catholic Charities’ adoption social worker provided education and support. When their son’s birthmother went into labor, our Director of Child Welfare services accompanied them at the hospital. Our Adoption Social Worker continues to meet with Travis, Ashlee, and baby Arlo for monthly check-ups. When reflecting on their adoption journey with Catholic Charities, Ashlee shared, “Our specific experiences have taught us to look past the struggles of others and just focus on the person; to love them the way the Lord would.”

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