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Meet Trevor

     After months away, Trevor was returning to his community unsure of where he fit. He didn’t have a place to live, people to turn to, and he was struggling with depression and anxiety.

     Feeling alone and without support, Trevor turned to drugs and alcohol to cope with the issues that were impacting his life. He found shelter at the Salvation Army that provided him with a temporary place to live and links to community services.

    That’s when he began working with Raquel, a Community Counselor at Catholic Charities, who helped Trevor develop safe ways to cope, healthy habits, and worked with him to reach his first goal of holding down a job. Raquel also connected Trevor with a local substance abuse program while she continued to help him focus on his mental health.

    Raquel reflects on his dedication and progress “Today he has a stable job and home life, a goal that he achieved through hard work. He shared that because of Catholic Charities, he finally has a ‘safe place to talk’ and work through some of the challenges that have negatively impacted his life for so long. 

He tells me now ‘things are going to get better.”  


 “I work closely with the homeless population, a group in our community who direly need therapy services for the mental health issues that often lead to their current situation. Unfortunately, this is a group who is often uninsured and unable to access the services they need to improve their circumstances. Our ability to waive fees for people who cannot afford to pay for therapy allows us to serve those who are most in need. In many cases, we are the only providers able to do this.”

-Raquel, Bilingual Community Counselor




Meet Mira

     Life is more complicated when learning is a challenge - add to that little income, minimal family support, and a new baby, there is greater risk for traumatic events. Mira was working with another local agency throughout her pregnancy, and when they realized Mira’s needs went beyond their scope of service, they suggested she contact Catholic Charities.

    Our pregnancy and parenting staff, Erika, was able to work with Mira immediately to show her some tips to care for her baby girl, Amaya. Visiting Mira at her home following CDC guidelines, Erika helped Mira learn how to safely bathe Amaya in the new baby bathtub we were able to provide.

    Mira grew in her confidence to ask questions and practice what she was learning from Erika. When Amaya had medical needs, Mira shared the doctor’s notes with Erika, and they created a plan for following the doctor’s instructions. Mira continues to work with our supported parenting program. She is learning to recognize what Amaya needs and how to respond. 

The love Mira has for Amaya shines through in every visit. She is committed to becoming the best mother she can be and is growing in her confidence and ability to care for Amaya. 





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