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Rae and Damion

FAMILY PROFILE - Rae and Damion


Family Information


First Name: Rae & Damion

Ethnicity: Black

Number of Years Married: 4 years married; 18 years together

Number of Children: One - 14 years old

Occupations: Entrepreneur & Project Manager

Type of Community: City suburb

Pets: One dog - Welsh Terrier named Baeleigh Cooper

Favorite Family Pastimes: We love a good competitive game night! When hockey season starts, we are all in with our 14-year-old. We love breakfast food and going out for brunch. One of the most peaceful and enjoyable things we do is finding a show we can all watch together or listening to music. During the days we are able, we love to be outside as much as we can!

Activities we are excited to do with our child(ren): All of the activities listed above; we enjoying spending time together and learning each other’s favorite things to do!

What we are most looking forward to about adding to our family: We are excited to expand our love in this family! Having the opportunity to support their growth in life, identify and engage in their interests and help them reach their goals and dreams.

Food All fruits and veggies Chicken & Rice/Pasta
Animal Dogs Baeleigh Cooper - our dog
Season Summer/Fall Summer
Hobby Photography Strength Training
Color Green Red
Book Harry Potter series Rich Dad, Poor Dad
TV Show The Good Place or The Office Home remodeling shows
Sports Gymnastics & Youth Hockey Basketball
Holiday 4th of July & Christmas 4th of July
Vacation  Anywhere we can explore Experiencing new culture and foods

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