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Impact Stories: Adult Day Services

Meet Lizzie


Lizzie was born with physical limitations and has lived in group settings throughout her adult life, and at 100, she has survived all of her family. Participating in day programs has been essential to her happiness and well-being. When the program she was attending could no longer maintain the level of care she needed, she was referred to Catholic Charities. 

Our Adult Day Center caregivers provide the services she needs to stay safe and healthy in a social and engaging atmosphere. Lizzie joins in games and brightens everyone's day with her beautiful laugh and smile. Catholic Charities is where Lizzie feels at home with the company of other members and caring staff. Annette, Director of Adult Day Services shares, "We are all her family. Just because you don't have any relatives doesn't mean you don't have a family."

On Thursday, April 13th Lizzie turned 100 years young and celebrated her 100th birthday with Adult Day Center members, volunteers and staff. 


Meet John


John, a U.S. Army Veteran of the Vietnam War, and member of our Adult Day Center. In his retirement, John loved to attend veteran’s events. The connection he found among friends and neighbors gave him a community he could depend on. But, as John reached his late seventies, health problems began to make a big impact on his safety and independence. He began to need a walker, and his dementia meant that he relied more on his wife, Carol, to complete tasks that at one time came easily to him. Carol and their son, Michael, do their best to care for John and to honor John’s wish to continue living at home. 

To assist the family, the V.A. referred John to Catholic Charities’ Adult Day Center where he could enjoy time away from home each week in a safe and social environment, and his family would have a respite and relief knowing that John is well cared for. The friendly and welcoming staff encouraged John to attend the ADC two days a week. He enjoys his time playing games with the other members and staying engaged. He still loves attending veteran’s events when he can and sharing stories with his new friends at the ADC.  


Meet Mary


Mary, a former WWII RN, has been attending the Adult Day Center since early 2017. She is a naturally caring person and is often seen as being in "nurse mode" with the other members. Her primary caregiver, her daughter, began bringing Mary to Catholic Charities because her full-time job did not allow her the time to provide the daily care Mary needed to stay at home. At Catholic Charities, Mary is able to receive bathing services and daily medication administration.

Mary loves interacting and engaging with staff and the other members. Our staff feels truly privileged to have Mary share her wisdom and spend her days with us at the Adult Day Center. "We are grateful for the care my mother recieves at the center," shares her daughter. 


Meet Carol Jean


Carol Jean has been a member at our Adult Day Center (ADC) for seven years. During that time, she experienced the heartbreaking loss of her brother and other hardships, but she knew she could turn to her family at the ADC for support. Carol Jean shares of her experience with the ADC, "I like it here, I like the poeple, the food, the games. I like coming here. I have a lot of friends and family; every day here is the best day." Just as the ADC cares for Carol Jean, she cares for other members and the staff like her own family.

"She loves being busy, and she always goes the extra mile to make sure everyone will be okay." Annette, director of the Adult Day Center, shares. The ADC provides its members with a safe place to stay that meets their complex needs, but the members make it a second home and remind all of us of the powerful impact of family. 


Meet Peter


When Peter came to Catholic Charities’ Adult Day Center, four years ago, he was struggling with severe anxiety and depression. Although Peter’s attendance was sporadic, the staff built a strong relationship with him.  The center’s director, Annette, recognized his talent as a handwriting expert.  She created opportunities for Peter to share his talent with other members, staff, and volunteers, who love his remarkable insight, and she inspired him to author a book on handwriting.

Today, Peter attends the center regularly and is able to manage his depression to live a healthy and happy life.  “I’m glad to be doing something that I love,” Peter said, “I’m so grateful to all the people at Catholic Charities for helping me enjoy life again!”


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